Medical Abortion herbs to abort

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Medical Abortion herbs to abort

Done abortion is still bleeding and the test results are still 2-pack red line.

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Many women became frantic after Medical Abortion, mainly due to continuous bleeding for a few weeks later. This panic usually arise because women are not enough information about the jamu penggugur kandungan Often the sellers of drugs on the internet does not explain in detail what will happen during and after the abortion.

If you just do a Medical Abortion and still bleeding, do not panic. Bleeding usually occurs during 2-3 weeks after the abortion. In some women, the bleeding could have lasted longer. Most women experience menstrual peradarahan as continuously during this period. Some were bleeding a few days, stop and then reappear.

You need to know is what distinguishes normal and bleeding where severe bleeding. If bleeding out so much that you have to change pads 2-3 times an hour, for two hours in a row, it is a sign of great peradarahan. Having lost a lot of blood, usually women feel dizzy and weak. In such a situation there should immediately go to the doctor and get a post-abortion care.

The results of the two test-pack was still red lines
Another panic usually women soon test-pack and found two red lines or positive. Usually women immediately assume she was still pregnant and taking the next dose or mencarai services at abortion clinics.

Wait 2-3 weeks before a test-pack. The results of the test-pack will still remain positive because that is detected is the HCG level in the body. It took several weeks for the HCG levels in the body become normal again. So, even if you perform abortion today, the pregnancy hormone will still be detected in the body for the next few weeks. If you want to immediately know the results, do an ultrasound test. But even this is not really needed, because if it turns out there are still remaining, the doctor will advise you to curette. According to the latest WHO guidelines, curette is not needed for Medical Abortion. Instead, you'll come out big money to perform curettage.

There is a fundamental difference between failure and incomplete. If there are no side effects and symptoms of Medical Abortion, abortion may simply have failed. This means that the failure of the pregnancy continues. However, if the side effects and symptoms appear, but there are still two faint lines, it means not complete. The point is not complete is that pregnancy is not continuing, but there is still residual products of conception in the womb.

jamu menggugurkan kandungan does require patience and diligence. If you follow the protocol that has been recommended by the WHO, you do not need a curette to cope with incomplete abortion. If after 2-3 weeks of the test results still show a two-pack faint line, you are likely to experience incomplete abortion. Perform an ultrasound test to the doctor and ask how much the remaining sizes (in cm). You can take additional doses for the treatment of incomplete abortion.

So, do not panic and remain calm. Talk with a counselor you trust to discuss your situation.

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